About Us

Zataria is a company that offers health articles and has been present in the market since 2005. We have a large base of customers from all over the world who have been able to gain their trust through dealing with them in these years.

We strive to provide a credible health information service, characterized by professionalism, reliability, creativity,
We believe that health information is directly reflected on people’s lives and lives, so we aim to provide reliable health information, credibility with our readers, accurate content, reliable medical and health sources, and a network of trusted experts.

integration:Man is an integral entity (body – soul – soul – mind) and any defect in any of these aspects affects the whole entity .. Therefore, we take into account the content we provide, to address the medical cases with an integrated view through which “both psychological and physical” of man.


We make an interactive communication process, the audience is a key element in all its components, from content production to evaluation.


The site aims to enable the user to acquire the ability to evaluate the various health services, from medicine, devices, service provider and information, with the necessary skills.


To provide the Arab user with the service that he needs excellence, accuracy, ease and speed.


We seek to provide diverse content that meets the needs of our audience, with their differences in specialization and geography