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Sugars are essential to the health of the body, but over-eating causes many problems for health and presents the body to the various diseases, most notably obesity, which is one of the most serious diseases that affect the organs of the body imbalance.

Sweets have many forms, such as pepsios, kanafas, cakes, sweets mixed with industrial colors.

Damages of sweets 


The consumption of sugar is linked to obesity and weight gain in children, as it is the main component of the various sweets. Most sweets are high in caloric content compared to their low nutritional content; therefore, they are of low nutritional value. Today, 10% of the total calories needed by the child. It is also recommended to resort to healthy choices instead of desserts, such as fruit. They can be eaten as a snack containing natural carbohydrates. Insurance, and fiber.

tooth decay 

The problem of dental caries is caused by the damage caused by the bacteria and acids found in the mouth. Sugar in sweets plays a major role in the formation of tooth decay and necrosis in children. The bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar, causing cavities On the teeth.


Malnutrition is associated with weight. Although the consumption of sugar and sweets is a cause of overweight and obesity in children, it also causes malnutrition, which is caused by lack of access to essential nutrients for their health. In addition to the calories the child gets when eating sweets Sugar, but it needs various nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals; such as iron, calcium, which are lacking in sweets.

psychological problems 

The daily and repeated consumption of sugars is associated with some psychological problems and risks in children. One study showed a link between daily consumption of sweets by children aged 10 and violence in later life. The researchers found that 70% of violent offenders were consumers of sweets On a daily basis during their childhood.

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