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yoga Savasana

Savasana is translated from Sanskrit as the corpse pose. Despite the seeming simplicity of performance – the body horizontal position on the floor with arms spread out and the legs at the width of the pelvis – this asana is one of the most complicated in yoga , Perform Savasana at the end of each workout, and as an intermediate rest between exercises.

Most people tend to maintain the tension of some parts of their body due to injuries, emotional blocks, and anxiety or for some other reasons. For the maximum positive effect, practice Savasana with the intention to get rid of mental chatter and fully concentrate on the breathing process, fully realizing the entire body as a whole.


The Savasana technique

Lie supine on the flat surface. Slightly opening your legs, place the hands on the sides of the body with the palms up. Align your spine and head. Let the flow of attention follow all your body step by step, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and completely relax it. Pay particular attention to relaxing the facial muscles with an emphasis on the area of your mouth and eyes. Concentrating on calm and measured nasal breathing, relax deeper with a new exhalation.

Try to keep your attention on your breath and the whole body evenly. To leave Savasana, you should act gently: first, you need to move your toes and hands slightly, then stretch smoothly, inhale deeply. On the exhale, open your eyes slowly. After this, it is recommended to turn to the right side, perform a few breathing cycles and slowly take a comfortable sitting position, or stand on your feet. Effect: if you exercise regularly, Savasana helps to get pratyahara — turning attention from external objects to tracking internal processes.
At the time of complete body relaxation, the mind realization occurs.

Our mind bears impressions and experiences hidden in the depths of the subconsciousness. This contributes to their ‘unloading’ and the psyche release from stress.
If you master the Corpse pose properly, it can act as a partial replacement of sleep for you. Staying in the Savasana for a few minutes will help to balance the tired body. An experienced yogi, while staying in the Savasana, can focus on the state of Yoga Nidra (yogic conscious sleep with no dreams) and come into the area of the universal mind.
Savasana is widely used in yoga therapy in the treatment of arterial hypertension, gastric and duodenal ulcers, anxiety, neuroses and the whole line of psychosomatic conditions.


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