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living a healthy lifestyle

Being healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or a lot of effort. You don’t have to be in the gym twice a day or et only lettuce.

Being healthy means you have a balanced lifestyle and feed your body what it needs when it needs it sort of like when your petrol light comes on you full up your tank with the good fuels to make sure your car runs for longer.
Living healthy soon becomes a way of life for you and youstop noticing that you are intact eating healthy, once you get to this stage you have learned to listen to your body and this is important actually very important.

With the modern stresses we have lately with everything that must happen now we putting more and more stress on our bodies and minds and eventually we take on more bad habits as copping mechanisms instead of learning of to cope and channel that into something good.

Listen to your body

My body never stays the same trust me, it changes constantly . All of our bodies does , think about the factory inside off course its going to change we just need to learn how to listen to our bodies .

For instance listing to your Body when it tells you its full, the body has a hormone called Leptin they great thing about this hormone is that it tells you when you full and to stop eating but in this day and age we have stopped listening to it and in time its stops working as effectively as it should.

How does that happen? well we tend to eat to fast for the message to get send that we are in-fact full so we continue

Benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

There are so many benefits of living a healthy life, such as a strong immune system meaning you getting the right nutrients and your body is happy and can easily fight of those yucky bugs.

You will find it’s sort of like a domino effect, you’ll start by feeling more energized and have more concentration maybe even almer.

If you like to play sport it will enhance your performance and better hair growth and healthy bones, teeth and organs. There is more benefits than just looking good, in-fact thats the smallest part of it its just a bonus really.

What does your body need

When it comes to what your body needs some times people seem to over complicate it. But I can tell you now its simple. And the steps I’m going to give you is something I stick to every day and you will notice its more than just eating.

1. eating fresh foods and whole foods- as natural a possible, foods that can in-fact go off not canned goods. I always say we supposed to eat as if we farmed our own food (fresh and real)
2. You need nature, atlas 30-45 mins a day – Get out in
nature and take in the sunlight and breath in the air and listen to the birds.
3. Quite time- this is very important – get away from the clutter like Social media and TV and just be with yourself and try clear your mind. You will find your stress levels will go down. this is NB.
4. Move every day for at least 30 minutes – go to gym or a walk or do some Yoga, just get your body moving , this helps get the blood flow going and actually heals and keeps your body fit young and healthy.
5. Drink water- atlas 2 Lt a day, after all we are basically made up of mostly water .
6. Take time for your loved ones- one thing we need as humans is affection and interaction.

you will find a big change slowly happening in your daily lives.

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